Sant Blanc - Service & Restoration


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Luxury Swiss Made watches are designed to last many generations.  It is recommended to have regular service every three to five years, proper service will keep your timepiece in top working order, ensuring the legacy of your watch, additionally preserving the investment value of your Swiss timepiece.  Watch maintenance should only be undertaken by a fully trained watchmaker.  Below we explain the Sant Blanc service and maintenance guidelines:



Quartz and mechanical watches: (whether manually wound or self-winding) must be serviced every three to five years.  However, as batteries normally last only two or three years, quartz watches will need to be services more frequently for a battery change.  It is advisable to have a water-resistance test carried out with every service on water-resistant watches.  The Sant Blanc service is guaranteed for one year.


            A routine maintenance normally includes the following:

            Dismantling of watch and control of all components

            Cleaning and replacement of basic movement parts as necessary

            Oiling and adjustment

            Replacement of the crown, if necessary

            Replacement of bezel joints

            Replacement of the case back joints

            General quality control


This maintenance work is carried out at the Sant Blanc Service Centre staffed by a factory trained watchmaker.  Cost are approximate, to be considered as an estimate and do not include shipping and parts.  Exact price of service can be determined on inspection.


            Routine Service: $195

            Full Service/Overhaul: $395 - $495 for simple movements

            Full Service/Overhaul: $695 - $995 for complications

            Polish and Clean only: $95