Rolex Submariner Reference

The Rolex Submariner is one of the best diving timepieces in the world. This page will give you technical data for your Rolex Submariner as well as a brief history of the luxury watch.


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The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner was introduced by Rolex in the 1950’s. The Submariner was introduced as a diving watch rated to a depth of 330 feet and had a thicker case, a rounded crystal, and an over-sized crown. The initial model was designed for the A296 movement including a bi-directional bezel with no minute hash marks.


Originally the Submariner came with stick and luminous-tipped second sweep hands, later to be replaced with Mercedes hands after the upgrade to the 1030 movement. The Submariner was then renumbered Trip Lock Crownto 6536/6538. This new model included other new features including round luminous markers at the three, six, and nine positions. Another new feature included was the shoulder feature, where the sides of the case were raised to protect the crown on both sides.

The Chronometer movement was added to all of the Submariner models by the early 1960’s. Later in the 60’s Rolex added the date feature with the Cyclops bubble to the Submariner, as well as upgrading the model and the movement. Rolex also produced a Submariner designed exclusively for the Royal Navy around this time. This model differed from the consumer model in that it had wider hands and a more simple, yet bolder crown. Rolex, in their strive for excellence, continued to modify and fine tune the Submariner in the 1970’s by adding the Triplock crown, the scratch-resistant synthetic crystal in the 1980’s. Rolex also did a renumbering of the model numbers in the 1980’s changing them from 1680 to 16800. This was done to aid in identifying Rolex model variations. The newer model’s operating depth was also increased to 1,000 feet. The 1990’s brought more updates to the Submariner. The model number was changed to 16610 as well as the movement was upgraded to the 3135-caliber movement.

In 2010 Rolex released the 116610 Submariner. This new model features the virtually scratch-proof ceramic bezel also referred to as the Rolex Cerachrom Bezel. This model also includes a 3135 caliber movement with the Blue Parachrom Hairspring, making this Submariner highly resistant to shock and magnetic fields.

The Ceramic Bezel

Bezels are prone to deterioration and scratches when exposed to various elements such as sunlight. Rolex set out to overcome this setback and created the ceramic bezel. The ceramic bezel is made with a Cerachrom Disc and the extremely hard ceramic material makes the bezel resistant to corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and is virtually scratch-proof.

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Article by: Brad Cecil