Sant Blanc - History, Tradition & Legacy

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Old world values reflect the Sant Blanc vision for excellence, founded on respect for the Sant Blanc heritage and innovative history.  We are committed to the founding values of the Sant Blanc family.


In 1779, a self educated French clockmaker and mathematician Gaston Sant Blanc crafted a complicated clock movement in Paris, France.  Sant Blanc continued his work in Paris where he crafted innovative micro movements and complicated pocket watches.  In 1895 his grandson Herschel Gaston Sant Blanc, a master watchmaker, continued development of complications in period micro sized movement pocket watches, always endeavoring to craft smaller, more accurate time keepers.  In 1899, Sant Blanc introduced a wristwatch for ladies.  The delicate sized wrist watch was Parisian high fashion.  The stylish, all gold, ladies time keeper on a bracelet was designed and made entirely by the Sant Blanc family.  While most French watchmakers relocated to Switzerland, the Sant Blanc family remained in Paris a family owned firm.  Sant Blanc continued to develop cutting edge timepieces, complicated movement wristwatches, clocks, and fine, luxury jewelry.  In 1999, Sant Blanc began to offer fine, luxury Swiss made watches and timepieces on the internet.  Today, Sant Blanc is headquartered in the United States and led by Sant Blanc's great grandson Mr. Jon Todd.