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The New Style Rolex Datejust

Traditional Fold Clasp

Traditional Fold Clasp


The new style Rolex Datejust was introduced in late 2003. This “new style” may be defined by two major design innovations made by Rolex, the bracelet and the clasp, as well as a new model number carrying an added digit (old style model 16233, new style model 116233).

With the introduction of the new style Datejust came the introduction of the new hidden clasp. The Hidden Clasp is an aesthetic innovation made by Rolex that makes the appearance of a bracelet almost seamless. The only visual indication of a clasp is the Rolex Crown located at the top of the clasp.

Alongside the Hidden Clasp, Rolex released a new style clasp for the Rolex Oyster Lock bracelet. This clasp is not hidden, but unlike previous models, has gold running through it in two-tone models.

The second innovation applied to the Datejust is the heavy style bracelet. The new style bracelet is milled rather than

Traditional Fold Clasp

pressed and rolled like previous models. This results in the bracelet being more dense and heavy.New Style Hidden Clasp

These design innovations are now applied to all Rolex Datejust models including styles for men (36mm), ladies (26mm), and even mid-size (31mm).







New Style Hidden Clasp


The Rolex Datejust II

In late 2009, Rolex introduced the newest line of Datejust called the Datejust II. The Datejust II differs from the original line because of its 41mm case, the Easy-link extension function, and new dial options. The Datejust II is available in a two-tone yellow gold & stainless model and a stainless model with a white gold bezel. The bezel options are limited on the Datejust II in that it is only available with the Rolex Fluted bezel.Oysterlock new style Clasp

Rolex 116333













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