Clasp Differences

Clasp Differences

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New Style Rolex Vs. Traditional Style Rolex


Knowing the various parts and functionalities of a luxury watch is important when searching for the watch of your dreams. The different parts of a Swiss watch are labeled in the diagrams below as a visual reference for the information on this page.

When identifying a luxury watch design as new or old style, a few key parts need to be taken into consideration. The major design innovations have been made to the Rolex clasp, band, end links, crystal, dial markings, and the case.


The Rolex Clasp

The clasp is the mechanism on the bracelet used to secure the watch to your wrist. Rolex, as customary with their strive for excellence, has consistently made innovations to their clasps in search of style and comfort. Below are examples of new and old style clasps for the bracelet options Rolex currently offers:


The Rolex President Bracelet:

 Rolex President ClaspThis is the traditional style Rolex clasp for the Rolex President bracelet. The main difference between this older style and the new style is the deployment arm. This older style deployment arm is cast and has no Rolex signature.





Rolex President Clasp


This is the new style Rolex clasp for the Rolex President Bracelet. This new style has a new, milled, deployment arm with the Rolex signature on it. Another innovation to the new style is the new pivoting crown link, which is not included on the older, traditional style.


The Rolex Oyster Bracelet:

Rolex Oyster Clasp - traditional


This is the traditional locking style Rolex clasp for the Rolex Oyster Bracelet. This style has a wider deployment arm with the Rolex signature molded into it. The clasp is made from stainless steel.




Rolex Oyster Clasp - New Style 

This is a late “A” series Rolex clasp. This clasp for the Rolex Oyster bracelet has the same deployment arm and Rolex Signature as the traditional style but has gold through the clasp unlike the older design. This style was introduced around late 1999.




  Rolex Oyster Clasp - Newest Style

This is the newest style clasp that Rolex offers for the Oyster bracelet. It has a new deployment arm that is milled. Much like the older designs this clasp has gold running through it.





The Rolex Jubilee Bracelet:


   Rolex Jubilee Bracelet Clasp - Traditional

This is the older style, traditional Rolex folding clasp for the Rolex Jubilee style bracelet. This clasp is made from stainless steel and was in production until the early 2000’s.





  Rolex Jubilee Bracelet Clasp - New Style Hidden Clasp

This is the newest style Rolex clasp available with the Rolex Jubilee bracelet. This clasp is referred to as a hidden clasp much like the clasp on the Rolex President Bracelet. This clasp has a new, milled, deployment arm and a pivoting crown link. When closed the Rolex Crown at the top of the crown link is the only visible part of the clasp.





Rolex End Links

End links are simply the last link on each side of a bracelet that connect to the case of the watch. There are two common designs for end links offered by Rolex. Traditional end links, and solid end links. When comparing older style to newer style, traditional end links would be referred to as older and solid end links would be newer.

End Links









End Links








As you can see, there is a considerable difference between the traditional and solid end link. The traditional is comprised of two parts; a small middle link connecting to the main end link that connects to the case. The solid end link is one solid part. This decreases any rattling and could be considered to increase durability. The Introduction of the solid end link varies on different models.


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Article by: Brad Cecil